We officially have a name (and logo)!

After months of struggles: brain-storming, working with different marketing persons, meetings after meetings, we finally managed to settle with a name and logo that we are happy with.

Humble Data - what does it mean?

Our motto is “stay humble”. We notice there is quite a few elitism in the data science community and people may not realise that they are privileged. We align our idea with that of open-source. This knowledge and skills of being able to analyse data, being able to get information out of data and being able to make an application out of data should be accessible to everyone.

In our community, everyone is learning from each other. You may be a participant learning from a mentor in this workshop but you may become a mentor in the next workshop. Anyone can step up to be organising a new workshop. Our community will stay opened and the hierarchy is relatively flat.

our logo

Our logo consists of 3 shapes, they are different colours but they are “in the same set” (in the brackets). It means that we are having people from everywhere, no matter who you are, you can be a part of us.

From now on we can run our workshops under our brand. We also welcome people to run our workshops in their community (please get in touch) We are excited about what is coming in the future.