Who are we?

Who are we?

  • We connect passionate mentors with eager learners. By creating a bridge between people who are already active in the tech industry with people who want to learn more about a career in tech, we enable our participants to learn much more than just how to code.
  • We encourage people to take a step beyond what they thought was possible. By allowing previous participants to come back as mentors in our events we show how quickly you can pay it forward and keep increasing your skill levels.
  • We believe in a world where anyone who wants to have a career in tech can do so. By finding the right resources, tools, community and equipment to pursue their ideal career path.

Why Humble Data?

There are many reasons for people to push aside their hopes of a tech career, we’re here to listen, to understand what makes it difficult and to lower that threshold bit by bit. It’s daunting to enter a world of seemingly full of professionals who are already skilled, who have already proven their competence. We want to show our participants that there’s more than meets the eye.

There’s a generosity that needs to be promoted more, we’ve seen that directly from the conference partners we collaborate with and the mentors giving their time to welcome people into this community. We’re here to spread that message and let people know that better diversity and inclusivity in tech can happen if we organise our efforts in the right way.

And what better way to do this than to start using data well? Use data in a way that represents all of us. Use data for good, follow best practices, and educate everyone how powerful it can be in the right hands. We can all make a difference by understanding data and even more when we can work with it. Which is why we should stay humble around data.

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